Sufjan Stevens on The O.C.

jobie jarko – ski kimberley says: btw, sufjan stevens -> on teh oc
jobie jarko – ski kimberley says: music anyways
Mike V (six) says: Harumph
Mike V (six) says: whatever i totally discovered it first!
Mike V (six) says: actually, i think you misunderstood what i was saying about the music on the OC…
jobie jarko says: hahaha
Mike V (six) says: i do agree that the music they pick is usually pretty good, but i think that that doesn’t redeem the show, and that artists shouldn’t bother going on the show themselves.
jobie jarko says: the show is damn good tho heh
Mike V (six) says: says you
jobie jarko says: my mom actually has watched through 1.9 seasons with sister since christmas
jobie jarko says: says everyone!
jobie jarko says: niccole’s bio grad student friends have OC watching parties all the time
jobie jarko says: or used to, anyways
Mike V (six) says: (insert “if all your friends were jumping off a cliff” speech here)
Mike V (six) says: i dunno
jobie jarko says: haha
jobie jarko says: i enjoy it void of anyone else’s opinion… i thought it was dumb til i watched it
Mike V (six) says: i did try, really i did. i can appreciate cheesy and melodramatic TV, but the OC just completely turned me off.
Mike V (six) says: watching rich kids who have whatever they want whine and mope about their boring lives just doesn’t do it for me.
Mike V (six) says: at least Party of Five had the whole “dead parents” plot to give it some drive.
Mike V (six) says: i actually liked that one.