iBook Nooooo!!

Mood:  Harumph
My iBook hard drive lasted just long enough for me to type in the plan and tracklist for Podcast 2 before it decided to commit seppuku. She’s dead Jim. Looks like I’m off the the pretentious Mac repair shop once again for another hundred dollar + parts Mac upkeep fee. Hopefully the cable just fell out. Hopefully they’ll give me a warranty on the drive and save the upgrade cost. Hopefully they’ll even recover my data. Yeah. An’ monkeys gonna fly outta my butt!
Oh yeah, the music shop says they probably won’t see those VX series keyboards for two or three months. They don’t even have pricing info on them yet. Just FYI.

Musicophile Gear Porn

It has lots of keys. It has 12 velocity sensitive drum pads. It has 17 knobs (8 pots, 9 endless encoder), 27 buttons, 9 faders which are motorized, it has USB Audio: 2 line ins, 2 line outs, 2 headphone jacks, runs off USB bus power with built in hub and it is made of bright red aluminum.
It is the CME VX Intelligent Keyboard, and I want it.

Podcast: Now.

It’s actually pretty lame but the music is good. You can go here to listen to it in Quicktime, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed here.
I’ll come back and put up a tracklist. Right now I have to go to work. Ta!

Podcast: Soonish.

I’m working on a Podcast because I always wanted to have a radio show but didn’t have the requisite 10,000 W transmitter. It was almost done too but then I hit the GarageBand 2.0 1000-bar limit.
Gonna do an upgrade tonight and finish up that there podcast. After I vote. After I call and meet up with a friend. So basically it probably won’t be ready tonight. Harumph

End Times Movies

I’m a big fan of bad cinema. B-movies and C-movies, exploitation and drive-in flicks, and any movie that was made with lofty intentions but was ultimately cheesy. I really enjoyed reading this great (long) article about End Times Movies, which are a series of films made in the 1970’s based on fundamentalist Christian beliefs about the End Times.
The End Times, of course, are the fundamentalist Christian interpretation of the end of the world and include such beliefs as the number of the Beast (666), the Antichrist, and of course The Rapture where all of the faithful are magically teleported to heaven just before things get really bad. Most of these beliefs evolved from a rather liberal reading of the book of Revelations, so to speak.
The mix of a truly dedicated crew holding fast to an absurd belief and trying to make a deadly serious movie about it with very little money or skill is a potent cobination that usually leads to quite a few lols. I’ll definitely have to hunt some of these movies down.