End Times Movies

I’m a big fan of bad cinema. B-movies and C-movies, exploitation and drive-in flicks, and any movie that was made with lofty intentions but was ultimately cheesy. I really enjoyed reading this great (long) article about End Times Movies, which are a series of films made in the 1970’s based on fundamentalist Christian beliefs about the End Times.
The End Times, of course, are the fundamentalist Christian interpretation of the end of the world and include such beliefs as the number of the Beast (666), the Antichrist, and of course The Rapture where all of the faithful are magically teleported to heaven just before things get really bad. Most of these beliefs evolved from a rather liberal reading of the book of Revelations, so to speak.
The mix of a truly dedicated crew holding fast to an absurd belief and trying to make a deadly serious movie about it with very little money or skill is a potent cobination that usually leads to quite a few lols. I’ll definitely have to hunt some of these movies down.