Tom Green Rocks Calgary

Now that was a hell of a show. Last night Tom Green came down to Calgary and, according to him, had “the best time of [his] f***ing life!” He also did some rapping. I have some pictures which I’ll post later (cuz some of them are actually good) but right now I’ll just give a run down of the show.
The crowd was pumped before the show started. I found myself wedged in with my brothers and a group of people evidently familiar with Tom Green’s early work. We spent a while chanting Cow brain boat, and Crack baby and of course MC Face (never a disgrace). The show opened with the introduction of the Electric Presidents of Houston, TX. Four people took the stage wearing rubber president masks and proceded to stand there while a theme song boomed. The electric presidents were Tom Green and his crew and after stading there for a minute they walked off stage.
“What the hell was that?” asked a young man behind me.
“If you have to ask you’ll never understand,” I replied… Continue reading

Yet Another Way to Make Coffee

Aero Press coffee pressI must get one of these! The Aerobie Aeropress coffee press is yet another way to make coffee. I already have a drip coffee machine (unused), espresso machine, Italian espresso boiler thing, Vietnamese coffee filter, and ibrik for Turkish coffee, but I don’t have one of these!
The Aerobie Aeropress apparently uses the pressure provided by your arm to force water through the grinds to make a strong espresso-like drink which can be mixed with water to make a sort of Americano. The review seems very good. One benefit is that you can spend forever playing with different brew times and pressure to make the ultimate brew. Sounds like fun.

Dadaist Garfield Comics

Randomized Garfield comics are often more amusing than real Garfield comics. Not that that’s a particularily difficult feat.

Tom Green as Artist

There are few entertainers so polarizing as Tom Green, at least among those who know of him. Most consider him a base comedian, reviled as the progenitor of the reality TV comedy concept as embodied by Bam Margara and his friends in Jackass , Viva Le Bam, and other spinoffs released by MTV. It is true that Green had a part to play in unleashing these hellish bastard children of television into the world, but further analysis suggests that MTV had the concept down from the beginning and merely sought Green as a marketable spokesman for that type of comedy.
Tom Green himself, unleashed, is an artist.
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Sufjan Stevens on The O.C.

jobie jarko – ski kimberley says: btw, sufjan stevens -> on teh oc
jobie jarko – ski kimberley says: music anyways
Mike V (six) says: Harumph
Mike V (six) says: whatever i totally discovered it first!
Mike V (six) says: actually, i think you misunderstood what i was saying about the music on the OC…
jobie jarko says: hahaha
Mike V (six) says: i do agree that the music they pick is usually pretty good, but i think that that doesn’t redeem the show, and that artists shouldn’t bother going on the show themselves.
jobie jarko says: the show is damn good tho heh
Mike V (six) says: says you
jobie jarko says: my mom actually has watched through 1.9 seasons with sister since christmas
jobie jarko says: says everyone!
jobie jarko says: niccole’s bio grad student friends have OC watching parties all the time
jobie jarko says: or used to, anyways
Mike V (six) says: (insert “if all your friends were jumping off a cliff” speech here)
Mike V (six) says: i dunno
jobie jarko says: haha
jobie jarko says: i enjoy it void of anyone else’s opinion… i thought it was dumb til i watched it
Mike V (six) says: i did try, really i did. i can appreciate cheesy and melodramatic TV, but the OC just completely turned me off.
Mike V (six) says: watching rich kids who have whatever they want whine and mope about their boring lives just doesn’t do it for me.
Mike V (six) says: at least Party of Five had the whole “dead parents” plot to give it some drive.
Mike V (six) says: i actually liked that one.