Pokey is an instrument file for Native Instruments Reaktor 5. Pokey is vaguely based on the POKEY chip that produced sound in some early 1980’s Atari systems. Really it’s just a super simple synth based on two variable-width pulse wave oscillators and the “Blipper”, the world’s dumbest ADSR which has no A or R, an S of only 0 or 1, and a D from 0 to 100 ms. I could have used a builtin ADSR module but I want this thing to only be able to produce sounds that sound like actual old Atari sounds, and even when coded in software it was hard to make a decent envelope.
Pokey comes with 15 presets which all sound mostly the same, but are subtly different.
Download Pokey here. Reaktor 5 or higher is required.