Monolith: Another Totally Pointless Exercise in Semantics

I like Digg. It usually tweaks me onto cool stuff but today it tweaked me onto this SourceForge project called Monolith.

Monolith is a simple tool that takes two arbitrary binary files (called a Basis file and an Element file) and “munges” them together to produce a Mono binary file (with a .mono extension). Monolith can also reconstruct an Element file from a Basis file and a Mono file.
In most cases, the resulting Mono file will not be statistically related to either file. If you compare the Mono file to the Element file, the Mono file will contain none of the information present in the Element file. In other words, the Mono file by itself tells you nothing at all about the data in the Element file. Only when combined with the Basis file will the Mono file provide information about the Element file.

Ookay. So basically it’s an application that XOR’s two binary files together. Woop-dee-do, what does it all mean, Basil? Get warmed up for some hackneyed mental gymnastics! Continue reading

Quoteable: Relationships

the key is to know that you are in trouble no matter what you do. it’s how you get out that makes a relationship work


Graphviz vs. Photolog

I’m just a nerd obsessed with graphs. Connections. Circuits. The links that tie people together. My sister is on a site called Photolog that lets a user blog with photos. The user can also select “friends” whose photologs appear in a sidebar to the right of the page. Those friends have friends, those friend’s friends have friends, and on and on.
I wrote a python program to spider the Photolog site starting with a given user and create a directed graph of friend relationships. I outputted the graph in DOT format and then rendered it with Graphviz. The results are fascinating to a nerd like me. (These graphs are for a random Argentinian user I’ve never met.)
Photolog Friend Graph for Muyo, Hierarchical Photolog Friend Map for Muyo, Energy Minimized
I think this shows that Photolog has a strong Small World tendency amongst its users. Or something. It’s pretty cool.

Mexican Movie Fashion SWAT

Zack: The Spanish version of Stephen Hawking’s movie about the nature of the universe is f***ing mind-blowing. It’s literally 90 minutes of women wrestling in vegetable oil while a robot made out of tinfoil and carboard boxes sings about sex. Check it out some time. It’s called “Los Hombre Robotico Stephen Hawking y Pleasurina Duos”

Some days I live for Something Awful Fashion SWAT.

Tricky Woo, Rocking Out

(I wrote this last week but forgot to post it)
Concert Review
Tricky Woo with The Illuminati and The Rocky Fortune Touring Band
Yes yes, it was going to be a good night. I slipped in to Broken City at 9:38, the absolute last person to enter before the bouncer wrote SOLD OUT on the frosted window. I may have cut in front of some people outside. I’m not sure but nobody bothered me so I won’t ask any questions.
I navigated through the sea of people and headed to the bar to grab a shot of Jaegermister (this is a rock show after all) and a Victoria Bitter. I figured I should load up since I didn’t know if I’d be able to fight my way back to the bar. But enough about my penchant for imported beer, let’s get to the music.
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