Graphviz vs. Photolog

I’m just a nerd obsessed with graphs. Connections. Circuits. The links that tie people together. My sister is on a site called Photolog that lets a user blog with photos. The user can also select “friends” whose photologs appear in a sidebar to the right of the page. Those friends have friends, those friend’s friends have friends, and on and on.
I wrote a python program to spider the Photolog site starting with a given user and create a directed graph of friend relationships. I outputted the graph in DOT format and then rendered it with Graphviz. The results are fascinating to a nerd like me. (These graphs are for a random Argentinian user I’ve never met.)
Photolog Friend Graph for Muyo, Hierarchical Photolog Friend Map for Muyo, Energy Minimized
I think this shows that Photolog has a strong Small World tendency amongst its users. Or something. It’s pretty cool.