Trust me, this band Lazersnake is going to be famous. Well, maybe not but they’re awesome. They’re going to release an album eventually and then there’ll be a huge party.

Moments with Cell Phone Girl

The girl at the Rogers Cell stand displayed a humble beauty. A round unassuming face, genetic stock of strong prairie farmers. Brown eyes and brown hair. I walked right up like I owned the place.
“My battery’s dying and you guys said I could get a free replacement under warranty.”
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“My Humps” Must Be Stopped

For within this simple “pop song” (as many would defend this) there lies the very subversion of pop music, a depraved attempt to destroy our common cultural heritage. Think of this song’s meaninglessness as a vacuum, a black hole. And, just like a black hole, it sucks: it sucks in the notion of “logical” pop music; it sucks in our need for melody, for dynamism and for form; it sucks in our taste for lyricism, elegance and nuance; it sucks in our innate thirst for motion, for rhythm, for dance. It sucks. It sucks. It sucks it sucks it sucks. It sucks in everything that we hold dear, it sucks in the very things that hold us together, it sucks it sucks it sucks. It sucks and sucks and sucks in the most pervasive of all art forms, and in the process it attempts to destroy our way of life. I’ll not dare suggest that the Black Eyed Peas are actually terrorists, I’ll only point out that the two enemies seem to share common motives. The possible ultimate ramifications of this line of questioning are so immense that I must leave their exposition to abler pens.

I agree with the guys from CokeMachineGlow, My Humps sucks.