This Week in Evolution

I don’t really want to get overtly anti-religious or anything, but this whole Intelligent Design Creationism thing really gets my goat. Luckily it’s been a good week on the evolution front. First, you know those Darwin fish you see on cars? The ones with the fish with feet? Turns out they’re real! Meet Tiktaalik roseae:

Tiktaalik roseae

This little guy, unearthed in the barren snowy land of Nunavut, Canada, is essentially half fish and half crocodile. He has gills and nostrils. He has flippers with a crocodile-like bone structure inside. Not only that, Tiktaalik was a predicted form. Evolutionary scientists predicted that this creature must exist and all they had to do was find it. And then they did. Yay!
In other, somewhat unrelated, news Bill Nye (The Science Guy) is against biblical literalism and managed to freak out a few biblical literalists at a recent talk.