Harper Finally Starts to Annoy Me

Harper talkingWell, Harper’s done the first thing as PM to really annoy me. Turns out the media will not be allowed to photograph the coffins of dead soldiers coming back from Afghanistan. Not only that, but the flags on parliament hill will not fly at half mast.
These are just little things, I know, but they set a bad precedent. See, one of the reasons the US lost Vietnam was because the public freaked out and forced the government to end the very unpopular war. The images of the coffins coming back on TV really hit people hard. When Bush saw that his Iraq war was becoming unpopular he banned the media from showing pictures of American coffins coming back from that conflict. Now, to compare the Canadian peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan with the war in Iraq is frankly silly. The Americans have lost a few thousand soldiers in Iraq while in Canada we’ve lost maybe a dozen or so (and most to friendly fire). Still, that Harper has decided that it’s better to hide the images of Canadian coffins from the public instead of defending his position on why the mission in Afghanistan is necessary (and it is necessary, indeed), is disturbing.
The thing is, this action almost makes me think that Harper is now expecting a huge jump in casualties soon, and this is not good at all.