Guantanamo Bay

Short little news article about a hunger strike in Guantanamo Bay that features some wonderful military spin.

“The hunger-strike technique is consistent with al-Qaeda practice and reflects detainee attempts to elicit media attention to bring international pressure on the United States to release them back to the battlefield,” Durand told AP.

Hunger strikes are indeed an attention getting technique, one not just exclusive to al-Qaeda, but note how the use of the word al-Qaeda implies that everyone participating is a guilty terrorist. Chomsky would be proud. Also, I love the phrase “back to the battlefield.” That implies the prisoners are POWs, which implies there is a war, but the US Gov’t has repeatedly said that the prisoners are not POWs. So who exactly are these guys?

At one point last fall, a total of 131 detainees were refusing food at Guantanamo Bay. That number fell sharply after the military began force-feeding them.

Oh shi– no way!? Force feeding prisoners makes them stop starving? Wow, thanks Einstein. Force feeding, by the way, involves shoving a tube down a person’s nose/throat and pumping food down. Sounds pretty painful. Cruel, even. Thank God the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply, right guys?


Yesterday I noticed that Ableton Live is having a hard time keeping up with the number of tracks I have running simultaneously on my G4 iBook. Also, it bothers me how badly the GPU slows down whenever I use expose on my big Dell monitor.
As if reading my mind… BAM! Macbook!


And heck, not only that, but I notice that Ableton Live is now a Universal Binary, and Live 6 is scheduled for Q3 of this year. Oh, wonderful day! There goes a nice chunk of my tax refund!

Minimalist Techno Kittens

I love this. Requires Flash and sound.

The Culture of Safety, part 1

Dateline: Portland, Oregon. Safety advocates (read: paranoid idiot parents) say playgrounds are unsafe. God forbid you should skin your knee and catch flesh eating bacteria, or tetanus. And for god’s sake don’t play games. Games lead to competition. Competition to argument, and argument to DEATH.
Tag can kill you...
Wow. You know, when I was a kid, I remember this time when me and my friend were roughousing in his house and I slipped on the tile floor. Fell back and slammed my skull into the corner of a coffee table. Boy howdy did I bleed that day. I had to walk home in the terrible outside world back to my house where my mommy wiped up my bloody head. Oh God, she didn’t use Bactine, I could have died. I don’t understand how I survived my childhood, guys.
Thank God we have such intelligent and concerned parents today. Really, it is much safer in front of the TV.

Self Portrait

Some people are wondering what I look like. I’m glad to oblige:
Me and a computer, age 4 or so <--click!