WiiToMidi 0.6 Released

Another weekend, another WiiToMidi release. 0.6 is the most polished and stable version of WiiToMidi to date (thanks to stability improvements made by the DarwiinRemote team). But more than stability and the fixing of some of the big bad bugs, most of the top TODOs have been implemented. We’ve got Nunchuk Joystick support and display of your Wii Remote state on the application’s window (the screenshot will explain). Oh yeah, we’ve finally got an icon and a logo (thanks to Izzy Meckler and Marc Ray, respectively). Joy!
Next up: make the Classic Controller work properly (right now it sort of works, in unexpected ways), and add a routing panel to control which Wii Remote inputs go to which MIDI control IDs.

WiiToMidi 0.5

Well it took a lot longer than I’d expected but going to PyCon and catching up with work after that took up a lot of my spare time. That said, I’ve finally prepared WiiToMidi 0.5 with two of the most often requested features implemented: multiple Wii Remote support, and key on/off events linked to the Wii Remote buttons. Both of these features still need to be expanded on but it’s a solid start.
This release will probably be rather unstable but hopefully I’ll release 0.5.1 soon to fix any glaring issues.
Happy gesticulating, friends!