Low Bit Rave Released

I made an album of electronic music. It sounds like a broken sampler duct taped to a Nintendo and thrown down some stairs. It’s called Low Bit Rave.

You can download it here for free.
It’s released under a Creative Commons license so you can remix it or whatever. I may print actual CDs of it, or vinyl, but don’t hold your breath.
Tell your friends.

Python Twitter Tools v0.2 released

Hey all,

My Minimalist Python Twitter API has been upgraded to v0.2 and a lot has changed. So much so that now I’m calling it Python Twitter Tools, though you can call it by its unassuming package name, twitter.

API classes remain the same so if you’re using them already don’t fret. What’s new are improvements to the command-line client and a new Twitter IRC bot.

The command line client now lets you set your status text at a prompt. Just type

twitter -e[your_email] set

with no message and you will be prompted for one. You also have your choice of a few different output style when checking your friends’ or public timelines. Verbose mode displays a lot of stuff, url mode displays only URLs divorced from their update text (for the truly adventurous).

TwitterBot is an IRC bot that broadcast to an IRC chatroom. Each TwitterBot must have an associated Twitter account (it’s nice that they’re free, yeah?) TwitterBot notifies the IRC chat room whenever one of the Twitter users it’s following is updated. It can be made to follow and unfollow Twitter users by /msg commands. Try it, it’s a hoot!

Finally, Twitter Tools are now available in PyPi so if you have setuptools installed you can get them like so:

easy_install twitter

It’s that simple!

For more information or to grab the source code yourself, check out the Python Twitter Tools home page.