Meet My New Blog Engine

Me an’ WordPress weren’t getting along so famously these last few months and, well, to make a long story short I’ve left her for a new love: the khay blog engine.

Oh sure, WordPress could do everything I needed but she was kind of fat and slow and forgetful at times. Whenever I asked her to change her looks with a new template she’d confuse me with weird syntax and CSS rules and frankly a stupid man like me couldn’t follow her. I tried giving her an upgrade on occasion but she’d get mad and hide all of my blog entries until I managed to revert all my changes. She was hard to deal with and we fought all the time.

Then I see this cute little khay blog engine roll up all shiny like and, well, she’s thin and quick. She’s not hard to understand and I can talk to her into doing things. When I pretty up her CSS she does it no problem and looks all rosy. I’m but a man, can you blame me for switching to a younger and prettier blog engine?

I’m just glad me and WordPress didn’t have any kids, you know?

Python Twitter Tools 0.4 Released

Thought I’d forgotten about it, didn’t you? Nope, not forgotten. I’m just lazy.

Python Twitter Tools 0.4 is now released featuring a few bug fixes and things:

  • Command-line tool can read your email and password from a .twitter config file.
  • IRC bot handles unicode more properly. (Thanks Horacio D. for the patch!)
  • IRC bot will crash less (I hope)
  • Officially released under an MIT License. Go open source!

This release brought to you by tobacco and espresso. Nicotine and caffeine are made for each other, I tell you what.