Meet My New Blog Engine

Me an’ WordPress weren’t getting along so famously these last few months and, well, to make a long story short I’ve left her for a new love: the khay blog engine.

Oh sure, WordPress could do everything I needed but she was kind of fat and slow and forgetful at times. Whenever I asked her to change her looks with a new template she’d confuse me with weird syntax and CSS rules and frankly a stupid man like me couldn’t follow her. I tried giving her an upgrade on occasion but she’d get mad and hide all of my blog entries until I managed to revert all my changes. She was hard to deal with and we fought all the time.

Then I see this cute little khay blog engine roll up all shiny like and, well, she’s thin and quick. She’s not hard to understand and I can talk to her into doing things. When I pretty up her CSS she does it no problem and looks all rosy. I’m but a man, can you blame me for switching to a younger and prettier blog engine?

I’m just glad me and WordPress didn’t have any kids, you know?