Python Twitter Tools 0.5 Released

Python Twitter Tools 0.5 has been released! In this update:

  • Support for different API domains (eg. (thanks Hatem Nassrat)
  • replies action to read your recent replies from the command line (thanks Wes Devauld)

As always, your best bet is to update the twitter package using easy_install, but there are source package downloads on the Python Twitter Tools page. Happy hacking.


Calgary, I don’t love you right now. By all respects the weather this year has been terrible. Actually, let me expand that: Canada: what the fuck?

I hope all those bastards calling for a white Christmas enjoyed sweeping feet of snow off their vehicles in -25 degree C temperature (sans-windchill) before attempting to go to the mall to buy gifts or driving across treacherous mountain passes and/or into the suburbs to visit their families. While most of the major roads were cleared by “fatigued” plow drivers the sideroads were not.

The roads in Chaparral were best described by my dad as “lunar”. How does ice form craters? It is a mystery. But if you ever wanted the true Apollo experience your best bet was driving a Ford Focus over them on December 24th. Guess what I was doing? Hippity-hoppity, hippity-hoppity.

I guess I can thank my stars I wasn’t flying anywhere. Snow in Vancouver, eh? Far out.

Calgary has chinooks. Whoop-de-doo. We’re in the middle of one now and though the major roads are clear the street outside my house is filled with a half-foot of mashed-potato snow coloured gray by road dirt.

You know, it’s too much snow on the ground that brings about the ice age. By not clearing the sideroads we’re encouraging the formation of glaciers. Imagine your heating bill in a ten thousand year winter. I hope they finish cloning the fucking wooly mammoth one of these days so our prehistoric arctic wonderland will look authentic.

Right now my car is in said mashed potatoes parked (if it can be called that) at a 20 degree angle from the curb unable to go forwards or backwards. I look forward to driving it out sometime around Spring thaw. I also look forward to parking tickets and awkward questions from my neighbours. Hey, at least I finally met my neighbours this year whilst helping them push their cars out of the snow though they weren’t around tonight while I spun my tires. I don’t even have rubber floormats of the traction-ful variety to put under my wheels to watch get pulled under spinning tires and spit out the other side. Ever seen that? It’s a hoot. For more fun stand behind the car and push. Make sure it’s a rear-wheel drive manual for extra enjoyment.

It’s not worth traveling anywhere these days unless it’s on foot yet somehow life goes on and work still expects me to show up on time. Reality is a paradox.

Next year I’ll spend Christmas in Maui.


There’s this weird energy at Ikea.

You browse around there and you see all these tiny, perfectly organized environments and you think “yes, my life could be like this– organized, cozy, manageable.” No ash or stains ground into the carpet or weird mildew growing on the walls. No pile of burned DVDs falling off the coffee table, no stack of old magazines on the couch. No dust or crumbs on the table. Everything in its right place, accessible and labeled and placed just so. Everything is perfect.

You find yourself sleepwalking through the store in a kind of organizational delerium, seeing engineered environment after engineered environment, impeccably laid out. But it’s not real, man, it’s not fucking real. The TVs are made of plastic and they don’t turn on. The books on the shelves are in an alien language and unlike your books they’re all the same size and colour.

Ikea presents an unreality. It’s a symbol of the perfectly organized life you can never have. But you want it. You crave it. That’s why you keep buying fucking Billy bookcases and hoping maybe this one is the one that subdues the clutter of consumer objects in your house that stands as a symbol of the chaotic, meaningless fragments of events that make up your reality but it never works, man. It just never works. No matter how many times you organize your record collection your soul is still shattered.

At least your records are alphabetized.