Python Twitter Tools 1.0

I am chuffed to announce the release of Python Twitter Tools v1.0! Yes, no more of this 0.x stuff, we are in the big time now. Some great new features:

  • Follow and leave twitter users from the command line (thanks Wes D.)
  • Send agent strings from the API (thanks Hatem N.)

A bunch of bugfixes in this release, too:

  • API functions that require id as the last “file” on the http call (eg. /action/id.json) now work with twitter.action(id=”some_id”)
  • IRC bot prints more helpful error text
  • Command-line tool prints better error text

Thank you to all the developers who have worked on, reported bugs, or requested features on Python Twitter Tools. You have turned this simple, single-file proof-of-concept idea into a robust, stable, and powerful toolset.

I’ve still got some fun patches in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more features in the next release.

Python Twitter Tools homepage

The Combination Game

This guy Paul at work once got two chick-flicks: The Ya-Ya Sisterhood and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants mixed up and called it The Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. A simple mistake, but the joke got great mileage in my brain. The concept of two movies put together into one likely terrible one was pretty funny.

Because it amuses me I now declare this to be a game: The Combination Game. The rules are you must combine two or more movies in a way that they generate a hilarious movie mashup. Then you have to describe the movie. Simple. Let’s play.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Joy Luck Ya-Ya Pants

A multi-generational group of Asian women friends find a magical pair of jeans made in China. They use it to go on adventures and seduce men then they write about it in a scrapbook.

The Hardy Babysitters Breakfast Club

A group of effeminate middle-school boys solve mysteries in detention in the school library while sharing their feelings and secretly competing to get the highest mark in their home ec. projects.

Born Free Willy

A husband and wife attempt to raise a lion cub and a killer whale at the same time. Hilarity ensues.

10 Things I Hate About Sex in the Titanic

Four New York upper-middle-class women, two of which are sisters, go on a romantic cruise looking for love. The younger sister convinces the elder sister to date a poor boy from the bronx who sketches her in the nude with charcoal while the others have sex with multiple partners over the course of the next few days. Then the boat sinks.

The following two submitted by Jacqui L.:

Charlie Brown’s Angels and the Chocolate Factory

Lucy, Peppermint Patty and Marcie get dressed up in their best spandex and solve the mystery of the kidnapped oompa loompas.

Singing in the Rainman

Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise tap dance. Enough said.

Submitted by Bobbi G.:

The Grinch Who Stole Apollo Thirteen

A Ron Howard epic starring Jim Carrey as a villian who attempts to steal a space mission. Tom Hanks joins hands with the thronging masses and a high speed space chase ensues, while the earthlings sing “Dahoo Doray…”

These two submitted by Brier M:

Saving Private Benjamin Button

A group of misfit, high-society army recruits are sent behind enemy lines to retrieve a man who has been curiously aging from the point of death to birth since the early 1920s. They learn that there are more important things than
high society and discover that life is best lived moment to moment.

The Devil’s Advocate Wears Prada

A young lawyer goes to work for a major law firm only to discover that the skills that got her ahead in college won’t work to impress her evil, demanding boss. After changing her style and method, she is able to climb her way to
the top but is thwarted when she realizes that her boss is indeed Satan and her success could eventually cost her soul.

Please submit your contributions to the game in the comments…