Python Twitter Tools 1.0

I am chuffed to announce the release of Python Twitter Tools v1.0! Yes, no more of this 0.x stuff, we are in the big time now. Some great new features:

  • Follow and leave twitter users from the command line (thanks Wes D.)
  • Send agent strings from the API (thanks Hatem N.)

A bunch of bugfixes in this release, too:

  • API functions that require id as the last “file” on the http call (eg. /action/id.json) now work with twitter.action(id=”some_id”)
  • IRC bot prints more helpful error text
  • Command-line tool prints better error text

Thank you to all the developers who have worked on, reported bugs, or requested features on Python Twitter Tools. You have turned this simple, single-file proof-of-concept idea into a robust, stable, and powerful toolset.

I’ve still got some fun patches in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more features in the next release.

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