Currywurst is Berlin’s official food. This strange concoction can be purchased everywhere from semi-classy restaurants to weird stalls in outdoor markets and at events. Since you’re likely wondering what Currywurst is and can’t make time to fly to Berlin today to try it yourself (and, I assure you, it’s impossible to find outside of the city) here is a currywurst recipe you can make at home.


Bratwurst. That is, sausage. You will probably not find succulent German bratwurst in your part of the world but that’s no matter. Traditional German bratwurst doesn’t have that many spices or anything (at least not the kind used in most currywurst) so you might want to get some Juicy Jumbo 100% All Beef hot dogs as a substitute.

Tomato sauce. The Germans are not Italians so using your mama’s famous basil and oregano pasta sauce is not acceptable for this recipe. I would suggest a 50/50 mix of Heinz canned tomato sauce and ketchup.

Curry powder. Indian curry? Malaysian? Chinese? Hah, no way. You want that supermarket generic yellow-brown powder you find in the spice aisle beside the cloves and the cumin. Get the mild variety. Let’s not be too ostentatious!


Cook bratwurst. Boiling or BBQing is acceptable but the traditional method is to pan-fry them in a little oil until the skin wrinkles up like fingers in the bath too long.

Cover bratwurst with tomato sauce. You want to use enough sauce such that you won’t have enough bratwurst to scoop it all up so a forlorn tomato puddle remains at the end.

Shake curry powder over tomato sauce and bratwurst mix until it is uniformly brown looking. Then shake on more. Like, a ridiculous amount. No, just a bit more, trust me.

Serve on a paper plate with french fries and a ridiculously small plastic fork.

I’ve had currywurst a few times here and it continues to mystify me. It’s not bad but it’s not good. It’s just… hot dog in tomato sauce. I just don’t get it… yet.