I’d heard via many people that the monthly Wax Treatment club night at the Horst Krzbg nightclub was definitely worth checking out even though it’s only held on Sundays. Last night I met up with my friend Ross and we went.

The theme is dub, that Jamaican dance style which has now permeated global club culture and spawned many subgenres like minimal-dub, dub-tech, dubstep, grimestep, minimal dubstep, minimal grime-dub-tech-step, etc. etc. You can tell you’re listening to a dub-related genre when you hear a lot of bass and long, trailing echoes in the high notes. (This podcast episode has some great examples of the genre. Please ensure you have adequate bass response or you just won’t get it).

The attraction of this club night, along with a very good selection of DJs, association with a well-respected record store, and the fact that they sell cheap and tasty Caribbean food in the backyard, is the Killasan Sound System. This custom PA setup is assembled only for this club night only.

Imagine a loudspeaker as big as a refrigerator. About five and a half feet high, two feet wide, and two feet deep. Now imagine sixteen of them stacked in two levels, all cranking out bass in a darkened room only slightly bigger than a three-car garage.

The dancers faced the wall of bass. The sound was perfectly mixed with nice sharp treble and good stereo separation (important for those trippy washes of echo), modest in the mids such that you could still comfortably talk to your neighbour, and heavy in the sub-bass which throbbed so loud you could feel it in your chest. There was no decoration in the room and only the dimmest lighting. The DJ was relegated to the very back of the room. There was just faceless, unyielding bass. It was very good.

Those who come to visit me in Berlin might want to arrange to arrive on a Wax Treatment weekend if they fancy an encounter with the Killasan Sound System. It’s remarkable.

For those who don’t like dance music the Killasan Sound System will convert you. And I know a good indie rock club if it doesn’t.

In other news I bought the 1.29 Euro Bulgarian red wine and it is great.