Mayday Approaches

This Saturday is May Day. Apparently this is a big deal in Berlin, though I’ve never celebrated it in Canada. The way to celebrate this holiday seems to be “whatever you feel like doing” with huge variations depending on your temperament. Here’s a list of things people have said to me about May Day celebrations, from best to worst.

  • “It’s cool. People hang out in the park with their families.”
  • “They have live music and bands in all the bars and in the parks.”
  • “Actually, the main activity of this holiday is people drinking and partying in the streets.”
  • “It’s a day to celebrate worker’s rights. By not working.”
  • “a day of political demonstrations for communists and celebrations organised by the left wing unions, anarchist, and socialist/communist groups and dictatorships” –Wikipedia
  • “Have you noticed that the stores board up their windows and nobody parks their cars on the street?”
  • “People throw rocks.”
  • “The anarchists and leftists start riots, but that’s usually only in the evening. Go home early.”
  • “Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn was the epicentre of chaos. I saw punks and cops fighting on the platform. The trains weren’t stopping, of course.”
  • “STAY OUT OF KREUZBERG; YOU WILL DIE.” (Note: Kreuzberg is where I live)

I’m expecting an exciting weekend coming up.