Published: The Texpert’s first column in Texture Magazine

Matt snapped this photo of me. I dig it because I usually look pretty dumb in photographs. More dumb that this.

My first column as “The Texpert” has been published in Texture Magazine Online. Check it out! It’s kind of an advice column where I try to demystify complex technological concepts. If you have questions you can write to and they’ll forward it to me.

Preparing for winter

Looks like I’m preparing for winter by lining up some projects to work on during those cold nights. I’ve got a cheap synth I’m going to bend. I’ve got a secret new programming project to reveal soon. And I’ve got some half-finished songs that deserve a proper cleanup and release.

Reading: Slavoj Zizek – Living in the End Times

I want to like this more than I actually do. I mean, he’s a smart guy and he thinks a lot, but I just can’t get behind his “shotgun philosophy”: fire off many arguments and hope one’ll stick. Someone told me these are aesthetic arguments, meaning “if it looks good it’s probably true”. It’s just not cutting it.

Still, there are some great moments: in particular the Lacanian analysis of Kung Fu Panda. I’m with him that far, but I get lost when he references novels by Brecht. I’m not that well read, yo.