My new project revealed: xychan

xychan is a “chan-style” message board written in Python. I started writing it to learn the Bottle web application framework, and continued with it because it was fun.

A “chan board” is a message board that allows for Anonymous posting. Users can post messages without registering for an account or even entering a name. However, there are means for them to authenticate themselves and “prove” their identify if they so desire.

At this point xychan has most of the features of a typical chan-board system minus a few omission I hope to touch up in the next few releases. Then I will begin extending it so that it becomes more than the average chan-board system and into something special.

If I seem a bit vague here it’s because I don’t want to give too much away now.

For the moment if you want to see how it works you can visit the xychan test site. I’m not sure what content will be there since it’s visible and modifyable by the whole Internet, but hopefully people will keep it clean. (Please.)

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