Picture: Harajuku fashion from the totally insane Ridsnap.

So I was in a café in Berlin, drinking an Americano, reading in Le Monde (en français) about the indiscretions of the Italian prime minister and I had an epiphantic flash-view of myself from the outside. I realized I have never been so fucking Eurotrash in my life. Putting it in words like that makes me feel like I’ve just rolled out of a later William Gibson novel. That’s me: a post-national. An upper-middle-class geekling having achieved socio-cultural escape velocity. And why not? I’ve always felt out of touch with every scene I’ve rolled into. Might as well roll them all together. Be your own scene, right?

Later I’ll eat Vietnamese food and maybe drink Turkish liquor and read manga to cement my post-cultural status. Let’s implode culture until it births something new and unintelligible.