Python Twitter Tools 1.6

I am proud to announce Python Twitter Tools 1.6, with awesome new features:

  • twitter-log: a new command-line tool to dump all of the tweets you ever tweeted to a text file for storage and archiving
  • stream support: with the new TwitterStream class you can write Python applications that make use of the Twitter Stream API for realtime updates. Try the twitter-stream-example program to dump all the tweets in the “sample” stream to your terminal. Neat!
  • Python 3 support: The twitter distribution in PyPI now supports Python 2.6+ and Python 3.2+ using the same codebase. You don’t have to use the “twitter3” package anymore. Python Twitter Tools is now future-proof.

As always this is available on the Python Twitter Tools homepage or in PyPI.

Is that all (folks?)

You might have noticed my last post/rant “Screw Twitter”. Yeah. Truth is, the Twitter API is still awesome and I had a lot of fun working with it. However, I disagree with Twitter’s decisions and recent policy changes over their use of the API and with the data that flows through Twitter. It seems to me that we cannot allow such a powerful communications channel to reside in the hands of one company. And that isn’t even Twitter as a corporation’s fault. It’s just… corporations like money, and information companies will naturally control information flow to make money. That’s normal.

So: Python Twitter Tools may have bugfix releases (and I may be tempted to add features here and there) but I think I will spend my time on other projects.

(No, not Minecraft.)