What is it?

Python Twitter Tools (PTT) includes a Twitter API, command-line tool, and IRC bot. It is developed by Mike Verdone and the Python Twitter Tools developer team.

The Minimalist Twitter API for Python is a Python API for Twitter, everyone's favorite Web 2.0 Facebook-style status updater for people on the go. Also included is a twitter command-line tool for getting your friends' tweets and setting your own tweet from the safety and security of your favorite shell. Also included is an IRC bot that can announce Twitter updated to an IRC channel.

Why PTT is better than X?

The other two Python Twitter APIs in PyPi pale in comparison to PTT because...

Oh neato I want it (how to install)

twitter requires setuptools. If you don't have it follow the instructions here. Once you have setuptools just easy_install twitter to install from the web.

After that type twitter -h to learn how to use the command-line tool, or twitterbot to learn about the Twitter IRC bot.

To use the ircbot you will need the Python IRC library (python-irclib).


It's a command-line tool... oh fine, here:

[mverdone@moxie2 ~]$ twitter set releases his twitter API and command-line tool for Python! http://mike.verdone.ca/twitter/

[mverdone@moxie2 ~]$ twitter
solidspark a 97 on two hours of sleep, not bad.. Wind was wicked though, lots of great shots fouled by the wind.
ashchristopher I cant help it. Whenever I write a python program, I write it like I am writing a Perl program. It is really annoying.
bnid waiting in the library for the rest of my group
ashchristopher Finished dinner... getting ready for the Flames game tonight.
ashchristopher Wow! Yahoo + AOL
ashchristopher GOAL! Flames score! 1-0
ashchristopher Flames GOAL! 2-0
ashchristopher sigh....   2-1
ashchristopher Retweeting @D4V: For those not in Calgary.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/r4nt/2403462096/
ashchristopher Parents sent me some espresso from Cuba. It is certainly different than the coffee I am used to.
ashchristopher Retweeting @D4V: Haha.. I had to add another one.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/r4nt/2403542662/
ashchristopher Since I am working from home today, decided to spend lunch taking photos. Not often I am home when the sun is out. Pictures to follow later.
ashchristopher How do people feel about a PhotographyCamp?
ashchristopher Todays photos posted - http://www.newthink.net/gallery72157604476247069
ashchristopher Seems oil stocks are starting to pull out of their slump.
solidspark Masters, too bad Tiger is not having a good day. Justin Rose takes the lead again in the 1st round but should fall apart tomorrow.
sixohsix thinks he can get Pylons running in AppEngine pretty easily with a few deft hacks.
bnid Its ok Flames....
bnid Only 1 more week of classes!
sixohsix releases his twitter API and command-line tool for Python! http://mike.verdone.ca/twitter/
[mverdone@moxie2 ~]$


You really don't need to download these as easy_install will find them automatically but if you really want the base packages...

Download: latest Old versions


The source code now resides at GitHub. Go visit the GitHub project page for Python Twitter Tools. I accept pull requests and bug reports there.