Review: Mel C - This Time

by Mike Verdone

Published June 2008 Beat Route magazine, Calgary

Hello and welcome to the Melanie C Songwriting Family. This introductory guide should have you writing in the Mel C style in no time.

Mel's voice tends to hover at an E above middle C; write your melody parts close to that note. Don't stray too far, we don't want to stress the talent's vocal chords. You should pick a note within four tones of that golden E and make sure at least 60% of your notes are at that pitch.

You'll want to stay in the key of C for the most part. Try to avoid any "weird chords". Any chord that involves one of the black keys on the piano is probably a bad idea.

Look, you might be bucking at some of these rules you young, creative rascal, but it's for the success of Mel C as an artist that we do this. We need to hit the broadest market we can and early-30 to late-40's soccer moms is it. Lyrics should involve themes of protection, willpower, and crying. And make sure they rhyme, that's how we know it's a song.

Follow these guidelines and we'll have a hit this time. I just know it.