Read this if you're a Mac-using musician, who's become curious about the Wii Remote Control

The Nintendo Wii Remote Control is a small hand-held device which uses Bluetooth wireless technology to send information about position, speed, and rotation to the Nintendo Wii games console.

With the help of WiiToMidi, you can use this same device to send MIDI to your music software. The good news is, you don't even have to buy the Wii console - you can purchase the Wii Remote Control as an accessory. (By the way, you'll often hear the Wii Remote Control referred to as the WiiMote.)

Read this if you're a gamer, who's become curious about music software:

MIDI is a means of communication that's used to send information about musical notes, audio effects, software instruments, and so on, between music hardware and software. This includes keyboards, DJ controllers, and software like Ableton Live, GarageBand, Logic, Reason, and so on.

MIDI is just-about universal - nearly all music software uses it, even free applications like Reaper, and GarageBand (up to a point). MIDI can be sent over MIDI cables, USB, FireWire, between software on the same computer, over a network, and between hardware and software.

A MIDI controller is a hardware device that can be used to control MIDI parameters of software and hardware. Using a MIDI controller, which is what the Wii Remote Control will become for us, gives you a unique 'hands-on' feel for controlling your music software.

We'll begin by setting up our hardware and software, then we'll see some examples of how to use WiiToMidi.

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