Configuring your software

Turn on Bluetooth

First, you must make sure Bluetooth is turned on. All recent Macs have Bluetooth built-in.

  1. Use the Apple menu to go to System Preferences
  2. Click on the Bluetooth icon, and under the Settings tab, check Turn Bluetooth On.
  3. While you're there, check Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar, so you can turn Bluetooth on and off without having to go into System Preferences every time.
  4. From now on you can use the Bluetooth icon at the top right of your screen to turn Bluetooth on and off:

Turn on the IAC Driver

  1. Open Applications, Utilities, Audio MIDI Setup, then select the MIDI Devices tab
  2. Double click IAC Driver to open device properties
  3. Ensure that Device is online is checked
  4. Apply changes and quit Audio MIDI Setup

Configure your MIDI software

You must have an application capable of reading MIDI signals to use WiiToMidi. If you haven't got anything suitable, download the demo of Ableton Live from

In the application's preferences you need to tell it to accept MIDI input from the IAC Device. Check your software's documentation to learn how to do this. (In Ableton Live you have to go to Preferences/MIDI-Sync, and enable IAC Driver (Bus 1) for Track and/or Remote inputs.

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